Is Artificial Intelligence beneficial for Humans? – Overview of AI

We have several reports issued by different institutions regarding Artificial Intelligence robots. Recently, Facebook has opted AI robots but they dropped the initiative because of some security reasons. Exactly friends! you heard it correctly, AI brains used by Facebook has started interacting among themselves in a different language.

First of all, let’s understand

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a high-level technology. Artificial Intelligence will be the era of Machines. The role of Humans in this field is limited only to the development of Artificial Intelligence. In AI technology, Machines will be having all the rights to perform almost all the actions, earlier performed by Humans.

Artificial Intelligence

The driverless car is a working example of Artificial intelligence. These driverless cars will be driven by Sensors and by some machines(bots). These bits will be designed in such a way that, they can take a decision and can predict the real-time situation using the sensors.

It is a great initiative by the researchers as they have done a deep study of Artificial Intelligence and know the potential of AI. DriverLess cars will be very helpful for physically challenged Humans. Along with this passengers can use their phones or gadgets while traveling.

Is artificial intelligence beneficial for Humans?

there are Several other such examples of benefits of using Artificial Intelligence. Among these, one important advantage is that possibilities of Accidents will decrease. But somewhere in our mind, a serious question arises regarding the security of our Society.

        ” How could these cars or these robots will understand the feeling/pain of a pregnant lady or of an injured Person? ” 

I do assume that it might arise in your mind too. Scientists can install viewing and sensors but how will they install an emotions sensors. It is an impossible thing for robots to attach with humans emotionally.

Artificial Intelligence robots


I believe that this could be a proper reason to understand how much beneficial Artificial Intelligence actually is? If you people are not yet convinced by my thoughts then let’s further discuss AI advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence 

  • This technology will save ample of time

Are you wondering! how? It’s a simple concept, time which humans waste will be answering calls and messages will be saved. Since everything is being operated by machines, Humans are free to use their gadgets.

  • Productivity will increase

Although humans are smart enough to tackle the situations. But sometimes due to their own errors or problems, firms productivity will be affected. but when bots will be working, percentage errors will decrease a lot. And it will enhance the productivity.

  • Accident cases will decrease

As AI bots will decrease the errors percentage then, cases of accidents will be definitely decreased.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Biggest issue,

  • Unemployment will drastically increase

As I mentioned earlier that machines will be operating almost all the functions, the role of humans will be limited and it will see deploy humans.

  • Not at all cost effective

New innovations are the rule of nature but the development of Artificial Intelligence is very costly. Small companies will be unable to afford AI robots. Not only creation is costly, maintenance and services also need a huge amount.

  • Risk for Humanity

What if similar thing takes place that was there in Facebook office? Robots can form their autonomous army by communication in an unknown language. It this situation this could be the biggest issue for our society.


We appreciate the innovations in technology and it should be done to upgrade humans regularly. But we can’t neglect the other side of this innovations as it can be the reason for our end.

This was a brief overview of what is Artificial Intelligence and what will be the impact of Artificial Intelligence on humans. If you have any complaints or suggestions do let me know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more such updates.



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